Style Tips for Winter Family Photos


Call me a weirdo but I love winter nearly as much as I love all the other seasons! The cold snaps in Kelowna were not my favourite times to be out shooting this year however there some aspects of these colder months that make a photographer’s job pretty DREAMY! Here are my 5 favourite things about winter portrait sessions.

  1. Cute Pinterest worthy props. Sleighs, hot chocolate, warm fuzzy blankets & scarves (swoon)
  2.  Layers!! A few layers of clothing will not only keep you warm, but they also look great in photos & look appropriate for the season. Wearing non-winter clothing in the snow can look a little strange unless it is an editorial or high fashion shoot. Staying warm in layers will also help you look more comfortable in your photos as well, if you are very cold during the shoot, you might appear rigid & stiff in photos. Layers also provide great opportunities to add “pops” of colour or subtle pattern which will boost the overall aesthetic & pull all the elements together in a chic way.
  3. Winter Light is Beautiful! The snow on the ground acts as a giant reflector for the sun & will bounce back light onto your rosy cheeks. This allows for beautifully crisp & illuminated photos which are universally flattering. 
  4. Winter is usually more “flexible” I have more availability for family shoots during the winter as it is the wedding “slow season” Even though the days are much shorter than summer, I find that you can have a lot more luck shooting during the daytime hours, as it’s usually cloudy –  which is ideal for middle of the day photos. Also, there are no bugs to worry about, that is a definite perk in my book.
  5. Movement & play!! One of the best ways to warm up is to move around and have some fun. Don’t be afraid to move around and enjoy the time spent outdoors during your shoot. I will never ask you to stand around and shiver. Throw some snow, ride around on the toboggan & make snow angels – my camera is fast enough to capture every moment. 

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