Truffle Popcorn with Parmesan and black pepper

Munchie Mondays – Truffle Parmesan Popcorn


I love popcorn. I mean, I really really really love popcorn. It’s more than a snack to me..sometimes it’s dinner. Sometimes it’s lunch. It provides sustenance on those long days of editing in the office as well as for bouts of binge-watching HBO or Netflix (Game of Thrones anyone?) Popcorn can be simple. Popcorn can be fancy. Whenever I have a movie or I show that I am REALLY looking forward to, I pull out all the stops & make my absolute favourite… truffle & parm popcorn.white truffle oil & parmesan popcorn recipe

If you are local to Kelowna, then you probably know about the amazingness of Olivia’s Oils & Vinegars. I cannot walk by their store in the mall without popping in and tasting all their fancy infused oils and balsamic vinegar. They usually won’t let you leave without sampling some of their flavours & the service there is always top notch. Every time I visit they always inspire me to create something savory with their suggestions. I walked around their store the other day, looking for truffle oil, which is a delicacy in its own right & tricky to find the “real” stuff. I learned that Olivia’s Truffle Oils are special & are kept in the back of the store & after sampling them I quickly understood why. The quality is simply amazing, the aroma is rich & the flavour is so creamy. I love using truffle oils when I am preparing special meals & of course I had to try it on my favourite snack. white truffle oil & parmesan popcorn recipe

I like to use air popped corn to keep the light texture & I combine a small amount of white truffle oil into some melted butter. I like to use a large bowl to toss the popcorn around in between drizzling the oil in order to make sure that its evenly distributed. Once that’s done I like to sprinkle grated fresh parmesan cheese & cracked rainbow peppercorns on top to give it a little “oomph”

I like to pour a glass of wine, light my favourite candle & cozy up with my popcorn in front of a fantastic movie. white truffle oil & parmesan popcorn recipe

Oh, I couldn’t leave out my cats, Mango & Pinecone from popcorn & movie nights.

my cat loves popcorn

What was the last movie you saw? How do you like your popcorn? Let me know in the comments below 🙂
Happy Munchie Monday !!


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