Simplicity is bliss

British Columbia

Too often we take for granted the little moments that unfold every day in our lives. I would like to take a moment to remind you to just stop, breathe & admire the things in front of you. I don’t mean your smart phone. Look around, look at the sky, look at your child, look at your surroundings. Take it all in. Appreciate everything around you. If you’re in your home right now, don’t worry about the dishes or the pile of laundry, instead think of your fondest memories in these four walls. The laughter, the tears & the first steps.
Simple Whimsical Child Portratis

I feel that the best photos don’t have to be taken while away from the home. Photos don’t always need to be of a smile. Think of the things you will appreciate the most 20 years from now. These hands will never be this little again.
Simple Whimsical Child Portratis

Your home is where most memories are made, yet we often get too distracted by the day to day tasks that we are required to do in order to really just take a quick second to capture & preserve that memory.
Simple Whimsical Child Portratis


A simple portrait showing the innocence & beauty of the ones most precious to usSimple Whimsical Child Portratis


Preserve these moments, not just for you, but for her.
Simple Whimsical Child Portratis


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